Datas Comemorativas.

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a cemetery with bats and tombstones in front of a full moon
the pope is pointing at something in front of him
Dia do Idoso.
an older couple embracing each other with the words dia do i doso on it
Dia do Idoso.
an older woman feeding a baby with a bottle in her hand and the caption reads, quando a semente que
a man holding an umbrella standing in front of a wooden fence with the words'27 de sembro dia national do lobo
Terceira Idade, Ser Idoso ou ser apenas um Velho ?
an image of the virgin mary and jesus with their child, in front of a red background
A Avó de Jesus é a nossa Padroeira!
A Avó de Jesus é a nossa Padroeira!
an old couple and their child are sitting on the floor
Dia dos avós.
Dia dos avós.
a man holding a child on his back while laying in the grass with words above it that read, pa, a certiza de um amigo para sempre
Molduras e mensagens para Dia dos Pais.
a man and woman kissing in front of a sunset with the words feliz diados
Feliz dia dos Namorados.
two birds sitting on top of a tree branch in front of the sun with their beaks touching
Cartões para dia dos Namorados.
a painting of a man holding bread in his hands with the words sano evangelio on it
Corpus Cristhi – Eu sou o Pao da Vida.
"Eu Sou o Pão da Vida"