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a wire sculpture sitting on top of a black round table next to a white wall
40 Extraordinary Line And Wire Sculptures - Bored Art
an image of a sculpture that is being viewed on instagrams, with the caption'from ballet for adults visit '
The Last Dancer | Dance Lifestyle Shop & Blog
Ballerina pointing up - Sculptures by Martin Wright
a woman is standing in the water with her hair flying through the air and she has one hand on her hip
a dress made out of wire sitting on top of a white floor next to a wall
Great use of contour line
a wire sculpture is standing on top of a wooden block and has his arms stretched out
Project 1
there are many black wires hanging from the ceiling
Draht Skulpturen - Eine beeindruckende Kunst von Stainthorp
Art Nouveau, Resim, Art Tutorials, Hand Photography, Panty Art
a doll made out of branches and twigs
Frou Frou's Dance Canvas Print / Canvas Art by Adam Long
a statue is standing in front of a wall with a square hole on it's side
a sculpture made out of copper wire on top of a wooden base with a person doing a handstand
Devin Mack Wire Sculpture
Devin Mack Wire Sculpture
the roots of a tree are exposed and ready to be used as art
Forgiven Much by Adam Long
Woman Sculpture - Forgiven Much by Adam Long
a sculpture made out of wires on top of a wooden block with a piece of wood in the foreground
Paul Joyner Art - Ink drawings of 'Your Life in Places' and wire sculptures
Capturing the physicality and emotion of the figure, this wire sculpture is created from copper and aluminium, on a solid beech base. Dance is about celebration, and this figure called 'Freedom' is demonstrating the feeling of exhilaration a dancer has when performing. Try standing on a hilltop, throwing your arms and head back and experience the thrill of living!