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an image of a large structure that looks like it has been struck by the sky
Alexander Brodsky, architect - in pictures
Alexander Brodsky and Ilya Utkin, A Monument of the Year 2000, 1990
West Park Hospital, Epsom | Whatevers Left | UK Urbex Nature, Abandoned Houses, Old Houses, Urban Decay, Ideas, Abandoned Asylums, Abandoned Hospital, Old Abandoned Buildings
West Park Hospital, Epsom
West Park Hospital, Epsom | Whatevers Left | UK Urbex
two floor plans for a house with trees and bushes in the middle, and an overhead view
Gallery of Remembering Bawa - 27
Nonis Copy Drawing of the 33rd Lane Residence, 1985, Geoffrey Bawa
an old book with many different pictures on it
The brilliant imaginary architectures of Alexander Brodsky and Ilya Utkin.
a drawing of a tree trunk with a birdcage on it
Crashingly Beautiful
Brodsky & Utkin: A bridge above the precipice in the high mountain. Thank you, aperfectcommotion:, citiesofsound & jamiskoli.
an old drawing of a room with lots of books on the walls and people walking around
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an abstract drawing with black and red lines
Grafiet, houtskool, Siberisch krijt, conte op papier. Door Inge van Steen. Zie