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two men standing next to each other with papers in their hands and looking at each other
This is going to be... FANTASTIC!
a doctor who is standing next to a tardish with the words i didn't
And So I Did
And So I Did
How to win any climate change argument: Climate Change, People, Climate Change Debate, About Climate Change, Global Warming Climate Change, Argument, Help The Environment, Facts, Environmental Issues
How to Win Any Climate Change Argument
How to win any climate change argument:
the caption for captain jack sparrow is shown in this screen graber from google
Jack Sparrow
an email message is shown on the left and right side of the screen, which reads if celebris voice a gps
If Celebrities voiced a GPS
a traffic light with the word live long on it
Leonard Nimoy (@TheRealNimoy)
a man standing in front of a large fireball with his hand on his face
J.J. Abrams Unveils First Star Trek Into Darkness Clip—All Three Frames of It! - E! Online
Star Trek Into Darkness
the silhouettes of men with hearts on their chestes are shown in red and black
a sign that says,'panen means bread in latina it must be really happy
a poster with the caption that reads, when your computer says it's connected to the internet, but nothing will load
Don't lie to me.
the poem mary him she only wants him
Just thought you ought to know...
the poster for bbc's benedict cumberbath, that's why