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the interior and exterior of a house with snow on the ground
Outdoor Pavillion By Leguë Architecture (216 Sq Ft)
A 216 sq ft cabin in Quebec. LOVE!
a small house with two red chairs on the front and one black chair in the back
This 400 Sq. Ft. Prefab Cabin Has A Bedroom With Walk-in Closet!
I have found my next home, and I love that it is only one-story :)
the inside and outside of a tiny cabin
Shangri-Little at Live a Little Chatt
Located 20 minutes outside of Chattanooga, TN, this tiny house was handcrafted with recycled materials and has a rooftop deck.
a row of beach huts sitting next to each other on top of a sandy beach
Unterkunft - Strandhäuser - Vrouwenpolder - Zeeland
Unterkunft - Strandhäuser - Vrouwenpolder - Zeeland
the inside and outside of a tiny house
The Riverside by New Frontier Tiny Homes
Hier könnt ich Leben... klein und gemütlich ♡
the inside and outside of a house with wooden floors, windows, and furniture in it
11 Reasons We Want to Move Into This Tiny Beach House Immediately
a small white and black house with wood trimmings on the front, side and top
a small house on the beach with chairs around it
Schlafen am Meer
HerzStück: Schlafen am Meer
three pictures of the inside and outside of a mobile home, with different views of it
Surf Shack by Molecule Tiny Homes
The Surf Shack is a custom 24' tiny house built by Molecule Tiny Homes for a surfer. The large windows and sliding glass doors along on the front of the tiny house provide an incredible view of the ocean.
a small white building sitting on top of a dry grass covered field with mountains in the background
the inside of a tiny house with wood walls
The Calypso Tiny House From Baluchon
The Calypso tiny house from Baluchon
a houseboat floating on top of a river next to a dock with a crane
shanty boats | Euro Floating Cottage | ShantyboatLiving.com
three different views of a tiny house on wheels
French Storyteller by Tiny Idahomes
This highly customized 28' French Storyteller tiny house is complete with chandeliers, window shutters, a barrel roof, and Grand Victorian door knob.
a small backyard with wooden steps leading up to the decking area and a potted plant
Stunning Prefab Modular Garden Rooms
Deck idea - I like the horizontal metal and wood combo! #Outdoor