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a man holding up a book in front of his face
two hands are raised up to pray in front of the kabab, which is decorated with gold and black
Pilares, obligaciones y sunnas del Hayy
an open book sitting on top of a blue and white carpeted floor in a large room
Qur'an 41, Vers 33 ""Und wer ist besser in der Rede als einer, der zu Allah ruft und Gutes tut und sagt: ""Ich bin einer der Gottergebenen."
an artist's rendering of a large white building with many spires and arches
an open book with a quote on the page that says, and even if it only arabic there's a good heart
Pin by Rizwan Ahmed on Islam❤ | Islam quotes about life, Hadith quotes, Alhumdulillah quotes
a poem that reads you missed a prayer, and it is written in the bottom right corner
50 Best Islamic Quotes About Namaz Prayers with Images
an archway in the middle of a white building
10 Best Things To Do In Muscat, Oman
a hand and foot print with the words routine high five
ইসলামী প্রশ্ন, জিজ্ঞাসা ও জবাব
an image with the words, when you are angry, be silentt prophet muhamad hadithh, imaad, al -
Inspirational Islamic Quotes