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three older people sitting in a boat on the water wearing sun glasses and hats with their arms around each other
Pensions rise despite zero inflation
Shades on with the top down. That's how we roll. This will be Amanda, Angie, and I before we know it!
a woman speaking into a megaphone while standing in front of a group of people
Supercrush Social | FREEBIES
a woman standing in a kitchen next to a large trash can and stove top oven
Vintage Penny Lane
Wringer Washer... my grandmother told me her mother had one of these.
Proud grandmother and her granddaughters : pics Instagram, Victoria, Portraits, Traditional, Portrait, Granddaughter, Women, Met, Dreses
Proud grandmother and her granddaughters
Proud grandmother and her granddaughters : pics
three women are kissing each other in the woods
Ein Generationsshooting in Aachen - Astrid Ebert Fotografie
Ein Generationsshooting aus Tochter mit Mutter & Oma, die ihre Verbundenheit füreinander in einem Fotoshooting festhalten wollten - wertvolle Erinnerungen #shootinggrandma #Mutter-Tochter-Oma-Shooting #Familienshooting Outdoor #Generationsshooting #Bilder mit Oma #fotografinaachen
two women standing next to each other in front of a brick building
simple dreams...
I just love a pair of saddle shoes with a skirt. How classic.
two people sitting at a table in an old fashioned room with flowers on the desk
Pictures From Home - Larry Sultan
Larry Sultan Pictures From Home Reading at the Kitchen Table / 1988
an old man sitting on a chair in front of a woman standing next to him
Robert Van der Hilst (born 19..) Dutch Artist Robert Van der Hilst had worked a lot with the Dutch institute in Paris, and had a lot of exhibition in the French capital. I didn’t know about him at …
two children laying on a bed in a room with green walls and wooden flooring
Julie Blackmon
Julie Blackmon Photographs
three women sitting on a bench in a room
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Geile Szene.
three older women walking on the pier by the water
Ferry across the Mersey captured by photographer Tom Wood
Magazines Promenade by Tom Wood
Tom Wood - Bus Odyssey $30 #TomWood Photojournalism, Documentaries, Pitch, Candid Photography, Street Photographers, Narrative Photography
Tom Wood | Fotografie
Tom Wood - Bus Odyssey $30 #TomWood
an older woman sitting at a table next to two younger women in front of a potted plant
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Inge Löök. Onnea päivänsankarille!
group of women taking selfies on the street
Bilderparade Archive – Bilderparade CCCLXXXII - Bild 86
three people sitting on a bench next to a tree
combined wisdom, what a great photo thelisaportercollection: Photo, Steve McCurry - Sehr alte Menschen sind still von innen her. Sie haben eine Würde, die nicht aus Leistung, sondern aus ihrem Sein kommt. In ihrem Wesen wird etwas gegenwärtig, das kaum anders, als mit dem Begriff des Ewigen bezeichnet werden kann - Romano Guardini -