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a drawing of a mermaid with a banner on it's back and the words sailors run
"Sailors Ruin, Vintage mermaid tattoo style" Photographic Print for Sale by Isobel Von Finklestein
a drawing of a woman with an octopus on her back and arms stretched out in the air
Octopus Mermaid by Chiara Bautista
a person is floating in the sky with their feet up and arms spread out above them
a painting of a mermaid holding a shell
Ancient Mermaid
Ancient Mermaid on Behance
a painting of a woman with red hair and green dress sitting on a blue background
Clarissa Hagenmeyer
a painting of two women in the water
Why do people confuse sirens with mermaids? - Icy Sedgwick
a pencil drawing of two women riding on the back of a horse with long hair
Artist Andrew Penno
a woman in a mermaid costume with bubbles on her head and tail, standing next to a large green fish
Mermaid Tales
a painting of a mermaid holding a flower
Juxtapoz Magazine - Vintage Mermaid Art