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Dessert, Pastel, Cake, Cake Designs, Fondant, Cupcakes, Ugly Cakes, Cake Decorating, Birthday Cake
Lifestyle – theCHIVE
a sign that says no one is coming to save you
a piece of paper that has been taped to the side of a wall with words on it
Thoughts, Mindfulness, Deep Truths, How I Feel, Shit Happens, Bad Feeling
a red piece of paper with writing on it that says, it's hard to open up its hard to open up
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Fandom, Losing Me, Cry For Help, Childhood Trauma, I Hate My Life, Bpd
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a whiteboard with some writing on it that says i'm impulsive
find the shadow people
a poster with the words am i real? and an image of a person wearing a mask
a handwritten note with an image of a bunny
Punk, People, Grunge, Zitate, Frases, Pretty Quotes
For those in the back of the room who can’t hear it!
Lost, Murder Mystery, Words, Anger
Emo Style, You Lied To Me, You Are My Everything, Everything Is Fine
everything is fine
Im Trying, Try Harder, Fucked Up
a cemetery at night with the words stop screaming at me just want to be happy why is that so wrong?
dark aesthetics | Tumblr
two sinks in a public restroom with the words you have to let go
you have to let go