the hallway is lined with wooden walls and flooring, along with a counter top
Wall embedded door
Room cladded in Admonder oak
an empty room with wood flooring and white walls in the background, there is a mirror on the wall
Amazing custom made door
Beautiful door matching the flooring in Chevron Oak Marrone by Admonter. Picture by Simon Koleznik
a bathroom with a sink, mirror and wooden door
Amazing guest bathroom
Admonter Wooden Door With Admonter DOORs Oak Aurum
an open door in a room with wood flooring and beams on the ceiling above it
Step into this beautiful living room
Admonter FLOORs Oak Salis cross different widths | DOORs Oak Salis | implemented by Fußboden Killinger -->
an open door leading to a bathroom with a bathtub in the background and a large window
Wooden Door opens an fantastic view in this amazing bathroom.
Admonter DOORs Oak Lapis | ®Erika Mayer Photography
an empty room with wood paneling and brick wall
Sliding Door at Hotel Falkensteiner Austria.
DOORs Reclaimed Wood hacked | Schiebetür Altholz gehackt Hotel Falkensteiner Österreich #woodendoor #reclaimedwood #door #admonter #tür #holztür #altholz #altholztür #einrichtenmitholz #hotelzimmer #einrichtungsidee
a bathroom with a sink, mirror and wooden door
This door fits perfectly to the bathroom.
DOORs Oak Aurum | Appartment Austria
an empty room with a wooden door and hard wood flooring on the side wall
Admonter Holzindustrie
Oak Aurum | DOORs | Private house Tyrol | Admonter
a woman is walking down the hallway in front of a wooden door with metal handles
Admonter Holzindustrie
Choice of surface textures | DOORs | Design and execution: ViktoriAlmer - Almer Tischlerei Ges.m.b.H | picture: JOfotografie | Admonter
an open wooden door with a handle on the front and side panels, isolated against a white background
Admonter Holzindustrie
Reclaimed wood extreme DOORs | Admonter
a wooden door sitting next to a set of stairs in a room with white walls
Admonter Holzindustrie
Prefect combination of DOORs and FLOORs | Oak alpino rustic | Admonter
an open door sitting on top of a wooden platform in the middle of a field
Admonter Holzindustrie
Nature's Favourite Designer | DOORs | Admonter
a wooden door with a mirror on the front and side paneled in white glass
Wooden Doors | Oak Lapis glass section | Architonic
DOORs Oak Lapis glass section | Internal doors | Admonter
a wooden door with a metal handle on the front and side panel, against a white background
Naturholztüren DOORs
Enter special living spaces through Admonter natural wood doors | Oak Lapis | Admonter