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a garden with lots of rocks and plants on the side of it, along with some grass
31 Fantastic DIY Dry Riverbed Landscaping Ideas
how to build a dry stream in the garden
A Beautiful Way to Catch Runoff: How to Build a Dry Stream - Garden Therapy
there is a small waterfall in the middle of this rock garden bed that has rocks on it
Garden decor/ patio ideas 2022
a row of colorful flowers next to a white picket fence
two pictures side by side one with flowers and the other with potted plants in it
Ideas for Creating an Amazing Outdoor Space
purple and white flowers line the side of a sidewalk
Finally have a full flowerbed of perennials. It took nearly 10 years to get the perfect flower arrangement, but I did it!
a sign that says privacy in front of some trees
Urban Landscape Group on Instagram: "Need a little privacy from your neighbors? Let’s plant some Evergreen shrub Trees. They are great at blocking site and sound, and soften any landscape. This is a great alternative to a fence or wall, and can be used in front of a structure to create a more natural feel. Don’t know what shrubs to pick? That’s alright, let our designers create something for you and your unique space. Shoot us a message today to set up a free consultation👍👍. #urbanlandsca