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a book with an image of a busture on the cover
Review & Preview
Eine Retrospektive der Kunstgeschichte „Die Technik ist der Ausdruck des Geistes. Niemand kann sagen, wo das Handwerk aufhört und das Kunstwerk beginnt, denn beides ist in- und miteinander unlöslich verwachsen. Ein Bild in Geist und Technik zerlegen wollen hieße ein lyrisches Gedicht in Prosa auflösen oder nach A. v. Bergers witzigem Worte: eine Statue sezieren [...]
a black and white photo of a man with his back to the camera, wearing a sleeveless shirt
Typography and Editorial image inspiration on Designspiration
the front and back pages of a minimal magazine, with an image of a woman's face
Minimal Fashion Magazines
an open book with photos and text on the front, back and inside pages are shown
A fashion lookbook template. This layout is suitable for any fahsion or photography project purposes, Very easy to use and customise. A4 Size and Us Letter 40 Unique Pages 0.25 In Bleed Paragraph…
black and white collage with words, pictures, and flowers on it's side
MOODBOARD DIY/tablica nastroju
a collage of black and white photos with text that reads, 13 23 amsterdam
Interieur Advies, Studio & Shop | Mkleijn Interiors
I thought I would add black because it's a colour in the Mozambican flag and also because the buffalo I want to add will be black
black paint is spilled on the white surface
black and white images with text that reads self - practice, in different languages on the screen