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a drawing of a sheep standing in the grass
an abstract painting with green and black colors
matt vince (@MattVinnie) on X
someone is drawing something on the ground
Seville Cathedral | TheArtOfProcess
a painting of a mountain with houses on it and a tree in the foreground
Eyvind Earle style study :), Yujin Choo
a hand holding a pencil while drawing on paper with black and white swirls in the background
Yuko Shimizu https://www.facebook.com/pages/Yuko-Shimizu/113407815290?fref=photo
a painting of water flowing over rocks
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Antique Japanese Handmade Woodblock Print The Wave 19th century
a painting of a tree with snow on the ground and sky in the back ground
Enchanted Booklet on X
a painting of rocks in the ocean with waves coming up on them and one rock sticking out of the water
Oscar Droege's Color Woodblock Prints