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an old book with a fish on it and the words die wiffenreffel
BLICKFANG - The Eye-Catching Covers of Weimar Berlin
Vintage German book cover
a book cover with an image of a dragon and mountains in the background, surrounded by clouds
Tove Jansson freed herself from the "Moomin style" for The Hobbit
Kuvitus: J.R.R. Tolkien Hobitti eli sinne ja takaisin
a book cover with an image of a man on a boat and a fish in the water
Daniel Doppsko
Daniel Doppsko - Swedish children's book by Lennart Hellsing, illustrations by Stig Lindberg. Publisher: Rabén & Sjögren. via Stockholm Stream.
an old children's book cover with a cartoon character on the front and back
cover of de tovervogel (1963) by ted schaap (via arthur van kruining on flickr)
the poster for joao and maria, which is featured in black and white colors
Hansel and Gretel Standard Edition: A TOON Graphic: Amazon.de: Neil Gaiman, Lorenzo Mattotti: Fremdsprachige Bücher
the story of kao yu by peter s beagle
A.M.'s review of The Story of Kao Yu
The Story of Kao Yu by Peter S. Beagle 4 stars Add this to the list of gorgeous Tor covers, too…
the silhouette of a person standing in front of a green background with stars on it
Fireflies by laurenzloehr on DeviantArt
an image of a tent in the woods at night with text that reads it's ezytam
Emilia Dziubak, "Ich lese hier", ein Poster zur Ausstellung / Lywstore.com / Pictures for you
Emilia Dziubak, "Ich lese hier", ein Poster zur Ausstellung - #Ausstellung #Dziubak #ein #Emilia #hierquot #lese #plakat #Poster #quotIch #zur