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a bottle with an octopus inside and a ship in the bottle on top that says,
Noelito Flow
Love this idea. Traditional tattoo style bottle with ship and underwater scene #NoelitoFlow please repin & like ,https://www.twitter,com/noelitoflow
an assortment of liquor bottles are shown in this black and white illustration, with the words dark side on them
Photo (Shipwreck⚓)
Alcohol Bottle - Gramps
an old school tattoo design with a skull and anchor on it's side, says sailor's grave
traditional tattoo flash on Tumblr
traditional tattoo flash | Tumblr
a person with a tattoo on their arm holding a bottle filled with liquid and flowers
“Beetlejuice Jadens 3rd tattoo yesterday... (Inspired by @timmy_b_413 's amazing work with bottles.) @anchorsandhorizons @fkirons @starbritecolors…”
two pictures of a ship in a bottle on the left and right side of the arm
Dean Denney
a drawing of a ship in a bottle with an octopus on the bottom and inside
a woman's arm with a bottle and flowers on it, next to another tattoo
Traditional tattoo
several different tattoos on the legs of people
By NHATBE Jars of the year. Big thanks to all of you who got tattooed by me in 2015. It was the most awesomeness year ever for me. Happy new year and I hope everyone has a sick 2016 #thankyou #blackworkerssubmission #btattooing #blacktattoos #blacktattooart #saigonink #nhatbe #dotwork #linework #tattoodo #Equilattera #vietnam #skinartmag #the_inkmasters #arts_help #sgtattoo #taot #tattooistartmag
a ship in a bottle tattoo on the leg
“#Tattoo #Tattoos #GuestSpot Hello #Thailand & #Singapore Who: the talented @Nhatbe Where & When: 28/12 - 01/01 @Common.Ground.Tattoo #Bangkok…”
a woman's thigh with a skull and flowers on it
two people with tattoos on their legs and one is holding a knife in the other hand
“By @nhatbe”
a black and white photo of some flowers on a woman's back thigh,
a ship in a bottle tattoo on the arm
Ship in a bottle
a man with a bottle tattoo on his arm that has a skull in the bottle
Iconosquare – Instagram webviewer
a tattoo on the leg of a person with a bottle and knife in it's hand
#bottle #boat tattoo