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a scottish flag with the words find your scottish ancestry on it's side
Find your Scottish Ancestry
Find your Scottish Ancestry. Here are articles that explain how to find and use the main Scottish genealogy resources that will help you find your roots.
three people and a dog sitting on a bench with the words free sources for british & irish genalelogy
Find your British and Irish Ancestry for Free
Free Sources for British and Irish Genealogy. Here are some great free resources to help you with your British genealogy and Irish genealogy.
bookshelf with text overlaying how to use persi to improve your genelogy research
How To Use PERSI To Improve Your Genealogy Research
the united states of america declaration is shown in black and white, with an orange border
Premium: How to Find and Use Naturalization Records
Diy, Military Records, Free Genealogy Sites
How to Find Military Records Free eBook
two men standing next to each other with the words how to avoid ancestor mix - ups
7 Strategies for Researching the Right Ancestor and Avoiding Mixups
some old papers with writing on them and numbers in the bottom right hand corner that says follow your ancestor, each step of the way
How to Become a Genealogy Document Expert
the title for how to make sense of those tick marks on the pre - 1800 census records
How to Make Sense of Those Tick Marks on Pre-1850 Census Records
Researching your ancestors in the pre-1850 census records presents unique challenges. You can make sense of those tick marks and find your ancestors! #areyoumycousin #censusrecords #ancestry #genealogy
bookshelves with the text 4 free and overlooked genealogy website
4 Free (and Underused) Genealogy Websites
an old photo with the words 5 sources for finding what you're ancestor looked like
Are You Your Ancestor's Doppelganger? Find Out What Your Ancestor Looked Like
Do you know what your ancestors looked like? Do you know their physical characteristics? Tips on where to find what your ancestor looked like. #genealogy #ancestors #familyhistory
Free Genealogy eBooks Humour, Kindle
Free Genealogy eBooks
Free Genealogy eBooks
the birth certificate for edward reed and robert stewart
7 Tips When Researching U.S. Army World War II Soldiers
an old building with the words how to research your ancestors in a location you cannot visit
Research Offline Genealogy Records - Even If You Cannot Travel!
You have heard it before - Not all (actually, MOST) genealogy records are not online. Unfortunately, those records seem to be where I am not. Traveling to multiple repositories is time consuming and expensive. So, how do we as genealogists access those much needed records?
a blue and orange book cover with the title doing a genealy research project from start to finish
Doing a Genealogy Research Project from Start to Finish
a screen shot of a website with the text how to create your own genealy reference center with everyone
Create Your Own Genealogy Reference Center with Evernote
Create Your Own Genealogy Reference Center with Evernote
old letters with the title how to preserve old letters
How to Preserve Old Letters
the scottish tartann is shown in red, blue and green plaid fabric with words describing
Family History Month - Day 2
a black and white photo with the words how to find your ancestor's death date
How To Find Your Ancestor's Death Date
"How do I find my ancestor's death date?" is one of the most common questions I hear. And, why not? Death Certificates are a fairly modern occurrence, but most of our ancestors did not live in a time period when death certificates were generated. Fortunately, as researchers we can determine an ancestor's date of death using other resources.
a book cover with many pictures of people and the words genealogy your family history doing it right first time
Genealogy: Your Family History, Doing It Right The First Time Genealogy: Your Family History, Doing It Right The First Time eBook: Valerie Hughes: Kindle Store
the important national death registerers that many historians miss are not sure what to do
The Important national death registers that many family historians miss
an old photo with the words how to track your female ancestor using her children's records
How To Track Females in the Family Tree Using the Children's Records
Finding a female ancestor can be a tough genealogy research problem! Discover strategies and examples for discovering her in her children's genealogy records. #genealogy #femaleancestors #womenshistory #maidennames #areyoumycousin
the text reads 6 secret google search tricks for genealy that help you find your ancestor's family history daily
Microsoft Outlook (formerly Hotmail): Free email and calendar | Microsoft 365
the front cover of an old book
Freebies and goodies…
~BEFORE 1837 Essential Guide...Track down your ancestors before census records & civil registrations began!~
a web page with the words, 3 tools you may not be using on it
Ancestry DNA Matches: Three Tools You May Not be Using
Are you taking advantage of the tools Ancestry DNA has provided to discover and track your cousin matches? If not, read on and discover three tools on the website that are often overlooked a…
a family tree with the text 7 free genealogy worksheets
Free Genealogy Records Worksheets and Forms
7 FREE genealogy worksheets from
an old photo of two people standing next to each other
New German Genealogy Records Online & More
an old book with the title how to determine your ancestor's birth date even if no birth record is found
How to Find An Ancestor's Birth Date (Even If No Birth Record Is Found)
We are familiar with the traditional birth certificate research. We use those for documenting the birth date of an ancestor, their parents' names, and their location in time. But you do not have to go too far back in your research timeline to a point when formal birth records were required. The question in your research very quickly becomes... How do you determine a birth date for your ancestor in the absence of a birth certificate? #genealogy
the family tree templates - 20 pages of free printable family tree chart sheets
Family Tree Templates - 20 Pages of Free Printable Family Tree Charts
Family Tree Templates - 20 Pages of Free Printable Family Tree Charts
a person holding up an old photo with the words 10 easy tips for using ancestry com Tips and Tricks for Beginners