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How To Make Bubble Foam
the cover of how to play stuck in the mud, with four dices on each side
How to Play Stuck in the Mud Family Dice Game
a father's day card with the words, best dad and his name on it
The BEST Father's Day Coloring Pages | Skip To My Lou
#SugarFixDentalLoft #SugarFixSmiles #DrJessicaEmery
the 100 + family bonding ideas list is shown in red and white with black lettering
Some ideas for a Parent & child activity calendar
a poster with the words things you should say to your kids every day on it
I think I do this quite well, but reminders are good.
several wooden signs are lined up on a table with markers and pens next to them
Chore sticks for screen time!
the 6 phrases that stop back talk from parents and kids to help them understand what they are
INFOGRAPHIC: 6 Phrases that Stop Backtalk -
INFOGRAPHIC: 6 Phrases the Stop Backtalk
several different types of ketchup bottles lined up
Things I love to Post
Ok, now I buy my daughter's paint at Dollar Tree. It's only $1! But this... this is cheaper. I already have the ingredients in my baking cabinet and water... we have plenty of it. Now, time? Always make time for crafting. Art is healing. And what a great way to bond with our children. Let's start mixing!