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a black and white wreath made out of newspaper strips
Dark Silence In Suburbia
Things to do in Berlin: Dark Matter
a black and white photo of a piece of art on the wall
darksilenceinsuburbia: “ William Lungas ”
a black and white photo of a person on a skateboard in an empty room
La nuit blanche
pikeys: Jeppe Hein - Fragmented Mirror Angle (2013) - to take one mirror and led panel to intersect and create never ending flow of image, could create something in the the mirror/screen to bring the idea of being created in an image - the image of God.
an abstract painting with three circles in the middle
Alluring Illusions of Technicolor Portals Are Actually 2D Wall Paintings
Не нравятся цвета
two people are standing in an art gallery
a tree that has been cut down and is in the middle of an empty room
art nouveau
an image of a black and white drawing with lines on it's side, in the middle of which is a rectangleed square
Charley Peters, Untitled Drawing, 2013 (Ink on tracing paper)