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a young boy sitting on the floor next to a giraffe mascot in front of a group of people
Nuestra estrella en el Concierto de los #Juguetes
a giraffe sitting on top of a wooden bench in front of a sign
Whoo…Need to take a rest from all the shopping! Hi there Geoffrey! May I take a photo with you? Shopping 買嘢行到腳軟…點算好…?Geoffrey 喺銅鑼灣店門外就有一張長凳等您埋去坐坐…休息一下! ^__^
a person holding up a cell phone with a stuffed animal on it
#Selfie de #Geoffrey
three giraffes are dressed as storm troopers and a giraffe is dressed as a giraffe
a group of stuffed animals standing next to each other in front of a cityscape
Aí vem o Geoffrey!!!
a person in a giraffe costume standing next to a child at a store
Geoffrey :)
an advertisement for toysrusus with teddy bears and other toys in the back ground
Hey 80s kids! Remember Toys R Us catalogs & picking out the best stuff for your gift list? - Click Americana
Out of this world toy book - catalog from 1986 a e d of a era 2018 it closes for good
a stuffed giraffe laying on top of an inflatable raft
¡#Geoffrey está disfrutando del verano como nunca!
:-) Dogs, Pluto The Dog
a stuffed giraffe sitting on top of a computer keyboard next to a monitor
:-) Viendo a nuestros fans
a person in a giraffe costume standing next to a wall
a stuffed giraffe is next to a bowl of tortilla chips and a football
#Geoffrey pasa una divertida tarde con Mrs. Potato! #ToyStory
a stuffed giraffe sitting on top of a football field next to a chair
#Geoffrey se va de barbacoa