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an image of rocks and grass with the words, you have enough rocks but i don't have these rocks
an old photo with the caption doctor are you getting enough sleep? why do you ask?
50 Memes That Prove Sarcasm Is Probably The Best Form Of Comedy, As Seen On This IG Page
a woman with white hair and pink shirt looking at her cell phone while text reads me trying to decompress from the work week, run errands, clean my house, have a social life, catch up
ADHD life
#adhdlife #adhdmom #momlife #funny #memelord
a woman with blonde hair wearing blue earrings and a fur coat is looking at the camera
there are two levels of clean in my house 2 it's better than it was
an old woman with a quote on it that says, my aunt gilda was tough woman
a woman sitting on the ground with a book in her hand and a quote above it that says, i want to sit and read, take a nap and snack