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a collage of photos with candles and signs on it that read, pallets en pois comment les recycle pour fabriquer des objets deco?
La méga liste des objets déco à fabriquer en palette
a candle holder made out of an old door
9 tolle DIY Möbel aus Paletten - Wood Ideas
several jars are stacked on top of wooden logs
Gartendeko - | Wood Crafts
three wooden poles with hearts and flowers on them
clothes hanging out to dry in the sun on a clothes line outside a brick building
Gebuisd: de was II / Failed: doing laundry II
Gebuisd: de was II / Failed: doing laundry II
a large painting hanging on the wall next to a tiled floor in a room with white walls
Netzwerkplattform für Raumgestaltung
two different angles of a ceiling with lights on it and the same light above them
Beleuchtung -
Wooden ceiling lights
an image of a kitchen floor that has been cleaned and is being used as a rug
Schwarze Fliesen treffen den Holzboden. Vielleicht Marca Corona Fliesen? + Metallkanten -… - Mobel Diy
Black hexagon tile and wooden mixed, modern flooring.
three potted plants are sitting in front of some lights on the wall behind them
#Lampe aus #Altholz sorgt für indirektes Licht. Beso...
a small wooden table with a lantern on it's top and some tissue in the middle
a pink flower is in a vase with green leaves on the side and a pink ribbon around it
Rose und Rosmarin
Rose und Rosmarin! Tolle Geschenkidee für Hobbyköche
two pictures of candles and pine cones in glass bowls on a table with evergreen branches
* 4 * Stern häkeln - Rustikale Weihnachtsdeko für den Balkon | ars textura – DIY-Blog
Rustikale Weihnachtsdeko für den Balkon basteln
three glass jars with flowers on them sitting next to each other and one candle in the middle
INSPIRATION | DIY Heidekranz binden
Schöne Idee – Heidekranz Kerzendeko – gefunden bei
there are many lit candles on the table with some flowers in each candle holder, and one is filled with pink carnations
Hva synes du?
candles are sitting in glass containers on the table
Mercury Glass Garland
This beautiful antique silver mercury glass garland will add sparkle to any…