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Schwag, goodie bags, on-boarding and welcome gifts, etc.
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an instagramted photo with some items on the bed
gift bag
a man holding up a poster with the names of different cities in red and blue
These Are Things print of SF neighborhoods... create one for the Mission?
people standing in front of a wall with balloons on it's head and one person holding
SF schwag Bags, Shopping Bag, Paper Shopping Bag
SF schwag
the instagram page is filled with small desserts and flowers on white trays
an image of a newspaper with the san francisco a - z on it
SF A to Z
several san francisco luggage tags and other items on display at an airport baggage claim booth
More SF schwag
a table topped with two glasses filled with drinks
Custom drinks @ smokestack
an image of a long table on the beach
an image of a birthday cake with candles and other items in the basket on twitter
the cake is decorated like a cow
a panda bear cake sitting on top of a cardboard box in front of a table
the table is set up for an outdoor event with white tables and chairs on it