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a green and white flower brooch sitting on top of a black table next to a pair of scissors
Mariposa realizada con cápsulas e hilo de aluminio
three different colored flowers are shown on the wall in this photo, one is made out of wood and the other has been painted with acrylic
7 sterbloem kleurenbom
a decorative candle holder made out of gold leafy metal pieces on a white surface
a woman holding two rings in her hands
Kaffeekapsel / ANHÄNGER mit Edelstahl filigrane Stanzen 😎😎
Glücksbringer - FLIEGENPILZ aus Kaffeekapsel - YouTube
a woman is making chocolate puddings at a table
Glücksbringer - FLIEGENPILZ aus Kaffeekapsel
Glücksbringer - FLIEGENPILZ aus Kaffeekapsel - YouTube
three decorative objects are sitting on a pink surface
a red and black ball sitting on top of a wooden stick next to a plant
Nespresso - Kapseln
individuelle Kurse für kreatives Gestalten
a person holding a decorative object in their hand
Auf Schleich-Wegen unterwegs | Schmuck aus Kaffeekapseln |