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an advertisement for the cafe du chocolat with two women sitting at a table
Exhibition | Thé, Café ou Chocolat?
an article in the art and style magazine, titled uneiling works of venetian masters
Aesthetic muster / tetlassova
a person holding up a book in front of a bookshelf full of books
Do you ever buy alternate dust jackets? I’ve had some in the past, but for some reason it’s just not a thing I tend to collect or look out for! I’ve had these for a while but only recently got around to popping them out of the tube and putting them on the books and I am obsessed! 🥹 if I was going to seek out alternate dust jackets, it was of course going to be for Caraval and Once Upon A Broken Heart. I’m sure you all know by now how much I adore @stephanie_garber and her books! They’re fro...
the floor is covered in paintings and other items
a painting of two hands on a bed with pink and gold nail polishes in the foreground
an image of the inside pages of a book with flowers and angels on it, all in
a painting of a drop of liquid coming out of a flower pot into a bowl
a table topped with lots of cards and pictures