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a hand is pointing at an applique book with trees and flowers on it
Ярмарка РАЗВИВАШЕК. Развивающие книги В НАЛИЧИИ
some little ducks are sitting in the grass
there are many different magnets on the wall
Ярмарка РАЗВИВАШЕК. Развивающие книги В НАЛИЧИИ
Ярмарка РАЗВИВАШЕК. Развивающие книги В НАЛИЧИИ | VK
some paper pigs are sitting on a table with other things in the shape of houses
busy book: second page, three little pigs
an apple shaped notebook with a green leaf and eyeballs on the front, attached to a clipboard
an image of some kind of artwork on a yellow background with the caption's name
an orange car is driving on the road and it's cut out from paper
4 FREE für EUCH | Chicci ♥ Chicci made with love
the paper cutout is shown for children to make
the paper car is cut out and ready to be used
Fusquinha Mais
the paper cars are made to look like they're in different colors and shapes
an image of a tree with birds and birdhouses on the branches that are made out of felt
a birdhouse with three birds on it and the words page de quiet book lies below
the instructions for making a paper birdhouse