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the napkins have been folded on top of each other
Wedding bells are ringing and so are our custom printed napkins! 🎊💍 But wait, these aren't just any ordinary napkins, they're filled with fun facts to keep your guests entertained while they wipe away those happy tears. 😂 Who knew napkins could be both practical and entertaining? 🤔 Shop our AINSLEY cocktail napkins online. #weddingfunfacts #customprintednapkins #weddingessentials #funandfunctional
Ceylon Sapphire Ring - NINA KASTENSNINA KASTENS Ceylon Sapphire Ring, Ceylon Sapphire, Sapphire Ring, Sapphire, Ring
Ceylon Sapphire Ring - NINA KASTENS
a veil with flowers and hearts on it is hanging from the back of a woman's head
Tattoo Bow Veil
I absolutely LOVE this bow veil. It's inspired by scratching EM ❤️'s OB into trees, 1950's Rock 'n' Roll and old-school tattoos. This silk organza Tattoo bow veil is hsnd-crafted from soft silk organza and embellished with a design of lots of different hand-embroidered, hand-beaded love hearts and flowers. This highly decorative, silk organza bow is mounted onto an 8cm gold metal comb making it adaptable to most hairstyles and really easy to wear. A beautifully unique statement piece that would