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four decorative iron and glass vases on sticks
Trägårdsdekorationer / blomstöd
an animal made out of wire with long horns
three metal flowers with red berries on them are hanging on the wall next to each other
Všedobr - zápich /červený/
black and white photograph of dried flowers in a glass vase on a wooden table against a textured wall
Bouquet 20 fleurs 2D & 3D en fil de fer recuit, fleur artificielle, décoration floral, déco bohème nature, coquelicot, cadeau maitresse - Etsy France
three metal flowers are placed on wooden bases
Flower Arrangement | Wire Art | Mounted to Wood | Sculpture
a wire basket with berries and leaves painted on the inside is holding a wooden handle
Drátování U Metudky
two metal wall art pieces mounted to the side of a wall
Formteile mit Rollen Toilettenpapier - Google-Suche - Bilder+ Blog
Formteile mit Rollen Toilettenpapier - Google-Suche - #Formteile #GoogleSuche #mit #Rollen #Toilettenpapier
three wire sculptures with angels on them sitting on a table
Andělíčci – vzkazovníčci Drátovaní andílci…
Andělíčci - vzkazovníčci Drátovaní andílci... - #Andělíčci #andílci #Drátovaní #metall #vzkazovníčci
a brick wall with two bird houses on it's sides and one has a face made out of wood
Weihnachtliches aus Stahlband - Karin Urban-NaturalSTyle
himmlisches 'Wesen
a wire reindeer with a red nose on a white surface
greeting cards – Page 11 – fold
a wire sculpture of a moose on a pink background with the outline of it's head
Community wall photos – 59,315 photos | VK
a wire sculpture of a fox on a white surface with black lines in the shape of an animal
mr fox bw