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a coffee cup with glasses and a scarf around it's neck that says espresso patronum
a black and white photo with the words happiness can't be found in the dark
two hands holding each other with the words you're just as sane as i am
Harry Potter Wallpaper | 65+ Best Free Harry Potter Wallpaper Downloads
the poster for harry potter's movie, which is in front of a full moon
the deathly symbol for harry potter is drawn in black ink on a white background
a necklace with an image of a castle in the middle and two gold pieces on it
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Je suis en plein dans la lecture du « Harry Potter et l’Enfant Maudit » et si pour le moment je ne suis qu’au début et que je ne sais pas tellement quoi en penser je suis tellement heureuse de remettre mon nez dans un livre sur le thème d’Harry que refair