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an animal crochet pattern is shown in the foreground and on the background
Free tiny crochet animal patterns - Amigurumi Today
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a hand holding a crocheted ornament with a smiling ginger on it
Expired Website
amigurumi - freie häkel- und strickanleitungen - free pattern
a crocheted ginger ornament hanging from a glass jar on a shelf
Crocheted Gingerbreadman Christmas tree decoration. Pattern found on Ravelry.
six gingerbread cookies are arranged in the shape of men and women on a bed
Double Treble Trinkets
Gingerbread family - Crochet Christmas More
two small crocheted christmas trees sitting on top of a wooden table next to each other
Free Pattern! CROCHET WINE/CHAMPAGNE CORK CHRISTMAS TREE Worsted weight yarn 3.5 mm crochet hook 1. 3sc in magic ring (google this!) 2. 2sc in each sc (6) 3. Sc 6 4. (sc 1, 2sc in next sc) 3 times (9sc) 5. Sc 9 6. (Sc 2, 2sc in next sc) 3 times (12sc) 7. Sc 12 8. (Sc 3, 2sc in next sc) rep 3 times (15 sc) 9. Sc 15 10. (sc 1, 2sc in next sc) rep 7 times, 1 sc (22) 11. Sc 22 (STOP HERE FOR WINE CORK. CONTINUE FOR CHAMPAGNE CORK) 12. (Sc 10, 2 sc in next sc) rep 2 times (24 sc) 13. Sc 24
crochet evergreen tree ornaments with text overlay that reads, cork evergreen tree
Cork Pine Tree Crochet Patterns
Free Cork Evergreen Pine Tree crochet patterns at www.1dogwoof.com
three crocheted camels with hats on their heads are lined up in a row
four crocheted animals sitting on top of a table
Fußatapse - Häkelanleitung
Fuß,Tapse, Häkeln,Anleitung, Kostenlos,