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the video game is being played in an old - fashioned style setting with lots of characters
合作风格探索, BOBO
ArtStation - 合作风格探索, 波波猫
the game has many different items and characters on it's screen, including an animal theme
《LINE: PIXAR TOWER~購物益智遊戲~》於日本推出 幫助胡迪等皮克斯角色購物
an image of a computer screen with food items in the middle and on the bottom
Dine Together Project - Decoration, Tue Tue
a cartoon clock with various things on it
Using my Imagination Irresponsibly
Using my Imagination Irresponsibly
an image of a game screen with different items on it and trees in the background
MergEvo项目的一些设计, Lulu
ArtStation - MergEvo项目的一些设计
an aerial view of a park with lots of trees
习作, YongHui JIA
ArtStation - 习作, YongHui JIA