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an image of the same dinosaur with different words in russian, english and greek on it
A new Day - WTF
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Replacing me is easy...But getting them to do the same shit i did is damn near IMPOSSIBLE. - iFunny
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a refrigerator filled with lots of different types of alcohol bottles and liquor bottles next to each other
250 Best Funny Work Memes To Share With Coworkers
a baby yoda in a towel with the caption me getting to leave work early
the text reads, if you ask a coworker how are you? and they say
yoda me realizing that tomorrow is monday, and i'll have to go to work worry
:( | /r/BabyYoda | Baby Yoda / Grogu
the words i couldn't find a parking spot at work today so i went home looks like they had enough people
This is not the Way - Funny
This is not the Way - Funny
an image of a baby yoda with the caption saying, never get pre - annoyed like you know when someone is about to piss you off so you just get a head start?