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a close up of a quilt with flowers on it
This sunflower rug is so close to done
an image of a table that is being worked on by someone using a weaving machine
Some old, some new projects
a green and blue knitted scarf on a mannequin
an image of a very colorful textured surface with many colors and shapes on it
Undulating twill shadow weave lap blanket
a wooden bowl and two matching napkins on a wood table with an orange and green checkered cloth
Shadow Weave Napkins
Original inspiration was a draft from The Gartner Manuscript, adapted to 8 shaft shadow weave. Yarns are 8/2 unmercerized cotton sett at 24 e.p.i.
multicolored knitted cloths stacked on top of each other
Deflected Doubleweave Towels
an image of a weaving machine with many colors
a colorful table runner with a pair of scissors on it
Regenbogen Geschirrhandtücher Huck Lace
Isa´s kunsthandwerkliches Design zum stöbern: Regenbogen Geschirrhandtücher Huck Lace
a close up of a fishing rod on a wall with multicolored striped fabric
Strickler in Color #247 Facebook Melissa Jones/ Strickler in Color
a close up of a weaving machine with a wooden handle and yarn spools
Napkins: Burgundy weft