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a wooden table topped with two pies covered in powdered sugar and walnuts
Bear Paw Walnut Cookies
Croatian Bear Paw Walnut Cookies
a person holding up a chocolate chip cookie
Giant Gooey Chocolate Chip Walnut Cookies
Giant Gooey Chocolate Chip Walnut Cookies - Cooking with Cocktail Rings
a blue plate topped with powdered sugar covered pastries on top of a wooden table
Meringue Shell Cookies (Rakushki) - Video
Meringue Shell Cookies (Rakushki) - Video -
powdered sugar being sprinkled onto pastries on a plate
Italian Almond Cookies (Gluten free biscuits, Ricciarelli)
Dusting icing sugar over Italian Almond Cookies
several cookies on a cooling rack with bananas and coconuts in the middle one cookie has been cut into pieces
Carrot Cake Cookies - Seasons and Suppers
Carrot Cake Cookies - Seasons and Suppers
cookies with chocolate drizzle on them and the words hazelnut flour cookies with chocolate drizzle
Hazelnut Flour Cookie Recipe
Hazelnut Flour Cookie Recipe | The Hungry Hutch
traditional italian biscotti on a plate with dipping sauce in the background and text overlay that reads, traditional italian biscotti
Traditional Italian Biscotti Recipe
Try out this Italian Biscotti Recipe that comes straight from Italy! This recipe will teach you the step-by-step perfect method for creating delicious, toasted, cozy biscotti. #biscotti #italianbiscotti #cookies #cookierecipe
a person holding up a pastry with the words christmas walnut cookies on it in front of them
Walnut Cookies
Walnut Cookies, or Walnut Roll-Up Cookies, as we call them in my house are a delicious way to bring the holiday spirit to your home! The dough is made with yeast, so it rises a bit and is then stuffed with a chopped walnut filling that will leave your taste buds singing.
several pieces of pastry on a white plate
Twisted Cookies ~ With Rolled-In Sugar
Twisted Cookies ~ With Rolled-In Sugar
sesame cookies on a plate with the words classic italian sesame cookies in front of them
Italian Sesame Cookies
These sesame seed cookies are wonderfully fragrant, crunchy and crumbly. They are the perfect simple cookie to have in the house for snacking or serving to unexpected guests. #ItalianSesameCookies #ItalianBakeryCookies #ItalianCookieRecipe