Plant-Filled Homes

It's a jungle in here! Here's how real people decorate with plants in their home.
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an outdoor area with plants and couches in the background, and text overlay that reads 12 clever ways to recycle your old junk into gorgeous planters
12 DIY Planter Ideas to Level Up Your Garden, Patio, or Yard
Check out these DIY planter ideas for your yard, garden, and patio that recycle items like pallets and old baskets.
How to Build Your Own Raised Garden Bed
For under $200, you can create a DIY raised garden bed for your backyard. 👩‍🌾
pink flowers in vases sitting on top of a wooden box with the words hgtv star egypt sherrod's golden rules for making peonies last longer
How to Make Flowers Last Longer, According to an HGTV Star
See how Realtor and celeb designer Egypt Sherrod makes flowers last longer, at home and when staging a house for sale.
the unexpected shower caddy use you've never thought of for plants is here
This TikTok Hack Turns a Shower Caddy Rod Into a Plant Stand
Expand your plant collection and maximize unused corners with this DIY shower caddy rod plant stand.
an outdoor hanging plants that feel totally fresh
The 10 Best Outdoor Hanging Plants for Baskets and Planters
Discover 10 outdoor hanging plants that feel totally unexpected, including flowers, herbs, and greenery.
a house with plants on the front porch and text overlay that reads, this brilliant plant hack gives you instant curb appeal
Use Pre-Filled Hanging Planters for the Easiest Porch Decor
Discover a smart hack for using pre-filled hanging planters in oversized pots. It creates instant curb appeal!
snake plants are the flowering houseplants perfect for beginners to grow in their home
How to Care for a Snake Plant for Beginners: Light, Water, & More
Discover expert tips for growing and caring for snake plants (sansevieria), with tips for water, light, and more.
How to Propagate a Fiddle Leaf Fig
Hilton Carter share 5 tips on how to properly propagate a fiffle leaf fig plant.
a vase filled with flowers sitting on top of a table in front of a couch
This Is the “It” Flower for 2024 Spring Centerpieces, According to a Macy’s Exec
See why this filler flower is exactly what a centerpiece needs, according to the lead designer of Macy’s Flower Show.
5 Spring Cleaning Tips for Plants
Hilton Carter shares his 5 spring cleaning tips for keeping your plants healthy this season.
the dos and don'ts of growing mint in a pot on a pink background
Mint Plant Care - How to Grow Mint Plants
Mint is fragrant and edible and adds a pop of bright green wherever you put it! Here's the 101 on mint plant care.
a bag filled with lots of items sitting on top of a table next to a window
My Golden Rule for Buying Flowers from Trader Joe's
Find out why one writer always buys $4 Craspedia (aka Billy Buttons) from Trader Joe’s flower section.
a chair sitting in the middle of a garden next to a brick building with text overlay reading 10 spring gardening tasks to do before planting
10 Spring Gardening Tasks You Should Do Right Now, According to Pros
Find 10 things you should do to prep your garden for spring planting, from pruning to fertilizing.
a living room filled with lots of plants
My Golden Rule for Keeping Plants Alive Has a 100% Success Rate
Learn one writer’s golden rule for houseplants: buying only those that are called pothos or philodendron plants.
a bathroom with plants hanging on the wall
The 13 Best Houseplants for Your Bathroom, According to Plant Experts
Find the 13 best houseplants for a bathroom, according to plant pros. Hint: they all thrive in humid, warm environments.