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a cardboard box filled with lots of different types of needled dolls in it's packaging
Felted Nativity set 11 Pieces. Needle felt nativity scene. Waldorf holy family. Christmas Original Design
a blue ornament with an angel and stars hanging from it's side
LeBambinediCaldalana | Etsy UK
an ornament hanging from a string with two people in it
Nativity, Christmas Ball, Waldorf-inspired Fairy Tale Wool Crib, Christmas Decoration, Soft Sculpture, Collectible Ball - Etsy
four different ornaments hanging from a christmas tree
Felt Ball DIY Projects: The Best Ideas from Around the Internet
two stuffed animals are sitting next to a christmas tree and a star on the table
two wool balls in the center of a spinning needleed piece of felt with white and brown yarn on top
four small stuffed animals are in tiny baskets with moss and pine cones on the table
Basteln mit Walnüssen zu Weihnachten und nicht nur – Ideen und Anleitung