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a chair sitting in front of a window with the words no bath room dismantizing badh functionality myths
No bath-room: dismantling bath functionality myths
No longer confined to a closed, isolated and dimly lit area, these #bathrooms are integrated into the broader domestic space. Featuring Nastia Mirzoyan, PuntoFilipino, Mesura and Balzar Arquitectos Learn more at
three different views of a living room and dining area with wood paneling on the walls
Guarapari Apartment / Arquipélago Arquitetos + Pianca Arquitetura
The refurbishment of a 1970s #apartment in São Paulo aimed to tailor it to the requirements of a young family. The original layout, designed by architect Ruy Ohtake, was meticulously restored and strategically modified to optimize the functional aspects of this modernist residence. #Interiors #Interiordesign #Interiorarchitecture #Apartmentinterior #Moderninterior #Contermporaryinterior
Jinx Ave by Emily Laurens Interiors
The Jinx Ave residential project in Austin, Texas, began with a 2000-square-foot dwelling constructed in 2013. To accommodate the expanding family, the homeowners initially considered moving to a larger #home. However, due to high demand in Austin's 2020 real estate market, they chose to enhance their existing property instead. Learn more at
ARI Historic apartment redesign by FLUO
The multi-cultural influences of the city can be found in many details concerning the design of this apartment, from the materials to the pieces of art. Learn more at
Julius Café by NAAW
Julius, located in the heart of Almaty, is a petite specialty coffee shop. The project is commissioned by ABR Group, recognized in Kazakhstan for its meticulous approach to interior design in various ventures. Learn more at
a vase filled with flowers sitting on top of a wooden shelf next to a wall
It is time, time for more!
The launch of the new EGGER Decorative Collection 24+ is just a few steps ahead. Therefore, we want to share another highlight with you: TM12 PerfectSense® Omnipore Matt. The matt lacquering makes respective decor images stand out better and gives them more colour depth for a unique and elegant room ambience. #EGGERDecorativeProducts #timeforcharacter #nature #timefor #new #novelity #furniture #interiordesign #interior #TM12 #perfectsenseomniporematt #morefromwood #madewithegger
two pictures of a woman sitting on a bed in front of a window and another photo of a person looking out the window
Suzhou Section Homestay By Wutopia Lab
a bed sitting next to a tree in a room with white curtains on the windows
Oásis Ventú by Bezerra Panobianco | Living space
the kitchen is clean and ready for us to use
Warm minimalism in a 1900 bulding by Forma Arquitectura
The project involves renovating the #interior of a listed Catalan modernist house on Montjuic Mountain in Barcelona. The #house, with rich architectural details, had suffered from previous tasteless renovations. The goal was to restore its original values by blending them seamlessly with contemporary interventions. Learn more at #architonic #interiordesign #cozyinterior #houseinterior #homeinterior #contemporaryinterior #minimalisthome
Sauna World in Trebon by Plus One Architects
The recent expansion of Spa Aurora in Třeboň posed a significant challenge as it aimed to maintain the high standards set by the 1970s #spa complex. To achieve this, the architects utilized locally sourced crushed #stone, light-colored tiles, and wooden cladding. Additionally, #concrete elements, such as washbasins and ice machines, were incorporated to enhance the overall #design. Learn more at
three different views of a bedroom with white walls and floors, including a bed in the middle
Vasto Gallery By Mesura
Blurring the lines between home life and art, this project converts an #industrial #studio into a #cozy #residence that also serves as an art #gallery. Preserving some of its initial ambiguity, this intervention embraces the client's lifestyle, utilizing spatial indeterminacy to blur the boundaries of the domestic space. Learn more at #architonic #interior #interiordesign #minimalisthome #moderninterior #contemporaryinterior #homedecor
the inside of a modern house with lots of furniture
Oásis Ventú By Bezerra Panobianco
In a world characterized by an accelerating pace, Oásis Ventú emerges as a sanctuary for self-discovery. Stepping into this #residence, time appears to decelerate, and visitors transition into inhabitants, uncovering the authentic essence of living. Comprising two interconnected spaces, Oásis Ventú embodies a fluid and distinctly #Brazilian spirit. Learn more at #architonic #interior #interiordesign #houseinterior #moderninterior #contermporaryinterior #interiorideas
a living room filled with lots of furniture and a fire pit in the middle of it
Bateia Bungalow Bathroom by Studio126 Arquitetura | Detached houses
the kitchen is clean and ready to be used as a living room or dining area
Boko House By Hiroyasu Imai
Revamping a secondhand #apartment for a married couple and their two cats. The architects' goal was to create a living space that ensures the comfort of both humans and #felines within a standard 65 square meters, a common room size in #Japan. They endeavored to approach the #design from both the human and feline perspectives, taking into account lifestyle, habits, and safety. Learn more at #architonic #interior #interiordesign #apartmentinterior #moderninterior
Art House By K.P.D.O
The project is a family #home for an art collector. The existing home was an uninspiring 1980’s addition to a Victorian villa. The brief was to work within the original footprint to create a home to allow for large gatherings and space to display a growing art collection. Learn more at
an empty room with white walls and orange shelving unit in the center, near a round window
House P82 By Lucas Y Hernández-gil Arquitectos | Living Space
It is a mid-twentieth century apartment in the city centre of Madrid, which was originally very compartmentalised and dark. The project focused on offering a flexible distribution through big custom-made furniture pieces which hide sliding doors. This way, sunlight reaches every corner of the object...
Off-White Flagship Store Miami by OMA
The #flagship #store embodies the concept of a contemporary distribution center, providing a physical gathering place for customers to engage with the brand. The space's versatility enables a diverse range of activities and experiences. A movable wall from floor to ceiling functions as a secondary facade, retracting to incorporate the street within the brand's vicinity. Learn more at
a white table and two chairs in a room
The Edit By Bogdan Ciocodeica Studio
Emulating the virtual brand's philosophy, The Edit Space embodies its aesthetic principles in a tangible form. It serves as a space where thoughtfully selected items converge, constructing an immersive #design environment. Learn more at #architonic #retaildesign #retailinterior #retailarchitecture #retailstore #storeinterior #shopinterior #furniture
House AD By Deferrari+Modesti
The #entrance to the #house features diverse volumes and furnishings. One prominent piece is a lengthy cabinet with dual oak shelves and an enamel-coated metal frame, serving as both a seat and #storage for items and garments. Above the #bench, there's a sizable round mirror, while an expansive lacquered oak wall unit occupies the opposite wall. Learn more at
a modern kitchen with wooden cabinets and white counter tops, along with a large center island
McPhail House by DESIGN BY AD | Detached houses
a woman in a yellow dress is walking through a room with blue walls and green rugs
Cobogó Relações Públicas Offices By SuperLimão
In a 115m2 slab on General Jardim Street, in Vila Buarque, São Paulo, the #architects faced the challenge of accommodating a growing team and creating layout solutions for different daily uses in this #office space. Upon entering the agency, a Cobogó wall welcomes visitors. Learn more at
an empty kitchen with wooden cabinets and green tile flooring, along with white walls
Cal Totxo Apartment Renovation by Cierto Estudio
Cal Totxo, a contemporary #home nestled at the base of Collserola Natural Park, boasts splendid views and excellent solar positioning on its main front. Originally, the #apartment had three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a cramped isolated kitchen, an unventilated space devoid of natural light, and two narrow, less captivating corridors. Learn more at
a green tiled bathroom with a plant in the bathtub and window on the far wall
Ovenecká 33 by Objektor architekti | Living space
this is an image of the inside of a house with green walls and wood trimmings
1EuroHouse by Studio Didea
The project moodboard is characterized by the traditional materials present on site and completed by elements that highlight the intervention, without distorting the existing tones. Learn more at
Ten homes with weird and wonderful custom-shaped windows
Transporting light and ventilation through a home, the benefits of windows are clear. But the shape of a home’s windows can also play an essential role in changing how we see it. Learn more at
an orange and blue circular object in the middle of a kitchen
Pastry Club Woda by Znamy Się | Bar interiors
a living room filled with furniture next to a stair case
6 Projects Emanating The Spanish Villa Aesthetic
The Spanish villa aesthetic is a captivating fusion of architectural and interior design that exudes timeless elegance and a rich cultural heritage. Rooted in the Mediterranean region's history and climate, this #aesthetic showcases distinctive features both in its #architecture and #interior #decor. Here are six projects, selected by our team, that are a perfect example of this unique style! Learn more at
a living room filled with furniture next to a stair case
Cala Santanyí By Bloomint Design
This Cala Santanyí villa epitomizes the construction style that became prevalent during the tourism boom of the 1970s along the coast of Majorca. While the house lacks distinct architectural appeal, its setting is perfect, offering stunning vistas of the sea and the pine forests in the southern part of the island. Learn more at
a living room filled with furniture next to a wooden ceiling above a white table and chairs
LMF - Loft Miraflor By A*L - Alexandre Loureiro Architecture Studio
Right at the heart of Oporto’s East Neibourghood (Barrio Oriental), the most economically and socially depressed part of the city, the project gives a new hope for a couple of coal warehouses. The objective of #Loft Miraflor (LMF) is to rehabilitate and refunction a centenary warehouse for #dwelling purposes. Learn more at
Contemporary Toilet Design Ideas
Get inspired with these modern WC interior designs! Learn more at
a living room filled with furniture and large windows overlooking the snow covered trees outside it
the cōmodo Bad Gastein by weStudio | Hotel interiors
an empty room with a chair and table in the corner, next to a stone wall
Casa Enso II by HW Studio | Detached houses
this bedroom is made out of wood and has a built in bed
Courtyard Villa By Archstudio
The design concept is derived from #courtyard dwellings (Siheyuan), a kind of traditional Chinese residence. Siheyuan has an inward-facing architectural structure, with buildings arranged around a central courtyard. The exterior of Siheyuan is closed, while the #interior courtyard is completely open, which offers little privacy for the occupants. Learn more at #architonic #architecture #design #interiors #interiordesign #interiorarchitecture #redbrick #brickwall
Casa Cedros By Aagnes
a white spiral staircase in front of large windows
Sunac • Grand Milestone Modern Art Center by CCD/Cheng Chung Design | Museums
the hallway is lined with wood and glass
Casa Fly by BEEF Architekti | Detached houses
a green bathroom with two sinks and a bathtub in the center is an arched ceiling
Five Ways To Decorate Charismatic Bathrooms That Wash You With Colour
These sanitary spaces play it far from safe with broad strokes, confident splashes and bursting pops of bold #colour, but come away feeling fresh and fabulous. Learn more at #architonic #bathrooms #bathroominspiration #bathroomdesign #bathroominterior #interiors #colorfulinterior #interiordesign #bathroominspiration
a large living room with wood ceiling and floor to ceiling glass doors that open onto the outside patio
Bal Harbour House By Oppenheim Architecture | Detached Houses
Concealed within the house, two big courtyards divide the volume creating indoor-outdoor spaces in constant dialogue through the use of terraces, optimized for maximum enjoyment and appreciation of Miami’s tropical climate. Learn more at #architonic #architecture #design #housearchitecture #modernarchitecture #housedesign #houseinterior #homeinteriordesign #homeinterior #moderninterior
a wooden table with two pillows on it in front of a book shelf and stairs
TEA Community Center by Waterfrom Design | Church architecture / community centres
an indoor dining area with tables and chairs next to a wall that has plants growing on it
Dois Trópicos by MNMA Studio | Shop interiors
a yellow booth with two round tables and chairs in front of large paintings on the wall
Kai La Caleta Restaurant By In Out Studio
One of the strong points of this #restaurant #interior #design, are the different coatings that contribute to generate a marine environment. The use of handmade ceramic tiles surrounds the space as if it were some scales. Learn more at #architonic #interiors #interiordesign #restaurantinterior #moderninterior #contermporaryinterior #restaurantdesign #interiorspace #interiorlover #interiorinspiration
a woman is standing in the middle of a room with white walls and flooring
Dendê Duratex House By Nildo José
Carrying out his first construction of a complete house from scratch (standing out from his previous only interior design work), Nildo devised a project of 155 square meters in area with fluid and minimalist spaces. Learn more at #architonic #interiorarchitecture #design #interior #interiordesign #homeinterior #minimalistinterior #interiordesign #moderninterior #contemporaryinterior
Wood Like Honey By I.B Archstudio
The house is an illustration of a compact dwelling that provides multiple functions whilst the general sense of spaciousness is a part of the experience when entering the #house. Learn more at #architonic #architecture #design #interior #interiordesign #woodinterior #homeinterior #cozyinterior #interiordesign #moderninterior #contemporaryinterior #houseinterior #tinyhouse
the interior of a modern house with wooden slats
Cabin House / Taliesyn Design & Architecture
Catapulted from an inclination to retreat from urban realities, The Cabin House swiftly transforms the pre-pandemic notion of our dwellings. Embracing a quiet reflection of modern lifestyle and vernacular nuances, the design for the 349 sqm (3800 sqft) plot has been developed from a simple brief of experiencing nature at close quarters. Nestled in the lush greenery of South #Bangalore, India, resides the one-bedroom weekend home for a family of three.
a long wooden table sitting in front of a window next to a white couch and chair
Cabin House / Taliesyn Design & Architecture
Catapulted from an inclination to retreat from urban realities, The Cabin House swiftly transforms the pre-pandemic notion of our dwellings. Embracing a quiet reflection of modern lifestyle and vernacular nuances, the design for the 349 sqm (3800 sqft) plot has been developed from a simple brief of experiencing nature at close quarters. Nestled in the lush greenery of South #Bangalore, India, resides the one-bedroom #weekendhome for a family of three.
a kitchen with an oven, sink and stairs in the backround area is shown
Farnham House By Foomann Architects
Refined detailing in the #kitchen is still relaxed and hardwearing. The pantry is contained within oak veneer joinery along the side of the room with full-length tapered vertical pulls. On the opposite wall, a built-in sideboard provides additional storage and anchors the clients’ vibrant picture wall. Learn more at #architonic #architecture #design #interior #interiordesign #houseinterior #moderninterior #kitcheninterior #kitchendesign #livingroom
an open door leading to a deck with chairs and plants
Portable Cabin by wiercinski-studio | Detached houses
a man walking down a hallway next to tall columns and a sculpture on the wall
Weinan Vanke Town Sales Center by ONE-CU Interior Design Lab | Office facilities
an empty room with stairs and skylights in the ceiling, next to a stone wall
Edifício Fábrica Das Devesas by Anarchlab | Office buildings
the kitchen is clean and ready for us to use
Clifton Hill Courtyard House by Eliza Blair Architecture and Studio mkn | Detached houses
a living room filled with furniture next to a large window
Le Pine by SAOTA | Detached houses
Old&New Apartment By Between The Walls
a dining room with brick wall and wooden table in the center, along with shelves on either side
Teemaa Teahouse By Yatofu Creatives
A grounded palette of honest and textural materials was extracted from those used in the process of tea-making itself, such as weathered steel, textured bricks and wooden surfaces. Learn more at #architonic #interiors #design #shopinterior #cafeinterior #teahouse #interiordesign #interiorinspiration #retailinterior #retaildesign #teahouseinterior
an open living room and dining area in a small house with sliding glass doors on the outside
Canning Street House by Foomann Architects | Living space
Dendê Duratex House By Nildo José
a dining room with a table and chairs
Residential Courtyards That Invite Nature Inside Through Glass
By employing glass doors, skylights, and frameless windows, these four projects dissolve the boundary between indoor and #outdoor spaces and allow the visual beauty of their #courtyards to radiate throughout the #home. Read more at #architonic #architecture #design #interior #housedesign #courtyard #courtyardhouse #courtyarddesign #outdoorspace #outdoorspacedesign #courtyardgarden
Four Corners Loft By Worrell Yeung
Two distinct volumes become the visual and organizational hub of the #loft, allowing each space along the perimeter to take advantage of the expansive four exposures of the New York City skyline beyond. Learn more by clicking on the title. #architonic #architecture #design #interiors #interiordesign #loftinterior #loftdesign #homeinterior #minimalinterior #minimalistarchitecture #interiorarchitecture
Woodthorpe Stables By Delve
Woodthorpe Stables is an energy-efficient conversion of a Victorian property in Godalming, Surrey, UK using #natural materials and led by #sustainable principles. The design and self-build was led by homeowner and architect, Ed Martin of Delve Architects for his young family. Learn more by clicking on the title. #architonic #architecture #design #housedesign #homeinterior #housearchitecture #houseinteriordesign #interiors #interiordesign #exposedbrick #dreamhouse #homerenovation
a person is walking through a large room with wooden slats on the ceiling and walls
GreenMonster Lab by BANDe Architects | Trade fair & exhibition buildings
10 Interior Design Trends of 2022 - Organic and Sculptural Forms