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two cartoon animals standing next to each other in front of plants and flowers with words written on them
Janosch - Glückwünsche und ein langes Leben
a bear pushing a flower cart with flowers in it's wheels and saying, being fabulous
Janosch - Riesenglückwunsch
a drawing of two bears in front of a yellow wall with words written below it
Janosch - Herzliebste Grüße aus weiter Ferne
a drawing of a teddy bear standing next to a flower pot with flowers in it
Janosch - Das soll ich hier andocken
a drawing of a teddy bear with his arms out and eyes wide open, holding a red heart
a drawing of a cat holding a bunch of flowers with the caption'little tiger vending '
Janosch - und alles, alles Gute!
a drawing of a green frog holding a flower next to a wooden wagon with a bee on it
Janosch - wir gratulieren
an image of two animals that are in the grass with one holding a beehive
a cartoon bear giving another bear a flower
a cartoon bear gives a flower to a tiger that is holding a red rose in its mouth
a cartoon bear carrying a bunch of flowers on his back with a lit candle in it's mouth
a drawing of a teddy bear holding a heart in its paws with his arms stretched out
Janosch, Tigerente, Malen, Basteln,Kochen, kreativer Spass für Eltern und Kinder, E-Cards, Filme, Hoerspiele, Tipps rund um die Janoschwelt, Vorlagen zum Ausdrucken
a bear is sitting on an island with a man in the water next to a palm tree
two cats are standing next to each other with flowers on their heads and one cat is holding onto the flower
Janosch - Tierisch gute Wünsche!
two gray birds with yellow beaks standing next to each other on a white background
#35 - Hey Spatz - Wolfing