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a bowl of stew and some meat on a plate
Jägersauce ~ Champignonrahmsauce
a bowl of chili and tortilla chips on a table next to a spoon
Feuriger Chilitopf aus dem Ofen
a pizza that has been cut into slices on a pan with one slice missing from it
Knoblauch-Käsestangen - Giorvy
Knoblauch-Käsestangen – Giorvy
two cheese pizzas sitting on top of each other with the words knoblauch kassettangen above them
Knoblauch-Käsestangen - Giorvy
bread sticks in a basket on a table
some bacon cups in a muffin tin on a table
Eier mit Bacon in der Muffinform à la Gaumen Knall - Gaumen Knall - Das Magazin rund ums BBQ, Grillen & Räuchern