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the book cover for character design from the ground up, with an image of various characters
15 Incredible Character Design Books on the Market
Character Design From the Ground Up by Kevin Crossley
an animated landscape with trees and flowers in the foreground that reads, styled fluffy pines
Stylized Fluffy Pines Tutorial, Victoria Zavhorodnia (akbutea)
an assortment of handbags and purses are shown in black and white
Horizon Zero Dawn Concept Art Collection Update : 200+ Artworks
an animated horse is shown with the words make animals surprisingly easy
Make Animals In Blender 3 - The Easy Way
Make Animals In Blender 3 - The Easy Way - YouTube
three different types of wolfs are shown in various poses and sizes, including the tail
Wolf, Tatiana Ivanova
Creature for the project Allods Online. I did ONLY 3d models. Concept and textures presented here just for illustration input data and results.
3DRT - Safari animals , #spon, #Hippopotamus#Elephant#Lion#Tiger #Ad Anime Bodies, 3d Horse, Drawing Anime Bodies, Animals Safari, Anatomy Sculpture, Poly Art, African Lion
3DRT - Safari animals
3DRT - Safari animals , #spon, #Hippopotamus#Elephant#Lion#Tiger #Ad
a line drawing of dogs and cats in different stages of being pulled by sleds
Balto (1995) - Characters, Model Sheets
some cartoon ducks with different expressions on their faces and body, all looking like they're
VeggieTales Concept Art-"The Little House That Stood"