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an image of the logo for marc strong edits on macbook pro with adobe and photoshopped
2D Logo to 3D using Blender Tutorial
a boat floating on top of a body of water with the words new addons you probably missed
7 New Blender Addons
an animated cat with the words fur tutor on it
Creating Furs - Blender Tutorial
the animated character sculpting process is shown
How To Sculpt A Stylized Character Head In Blender Full Process | Blender Sculpting Tutorial
an animated style clouds and starry nightsky for eveeee with the words anime style clouds and starry nightsky for evee
Subscribe to Kristof Dedene on Gumroad
text on fire with the words text on fire
For Anime - Text on Fire (Blender Render & Cycles)
Head Topology, 3d Reference, Modeling Techniques, Character Reference, Animated Characters, 3d Animation, Submarine
Mastering 3D Head Topology Techniques
a woman with orange hair standing in front of a sign that says mixamo and blender
Quickly Get Animated Characters into Blender Using Mixamo
a statue with ropes attached to it in front of a black background and the words rope real time animation
[021] Blender 2.80 - Realtime Rope [Animation Nodes]
the text modeling and texture painting in blender pt 2
Modeling and Texture Painting in Blender
blender animation hair for 3ds max and photoshopped to look like an anime character
Blender - Anime Character Modeling PART-09 | Anime Hair | @shionmgr
an animated ocean shader for blender with the text ghibli / anime ocean shader for blender
Tutorial: Ghibli/anime style ocean in Blender
an image of a green object with the words easy for beginners written below it
How Nintendo makes Energy trails - Blender 3D!