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a model of a house with moss growing on the roof
Ritsche Krippe
a doll house made to look like a hut
a wooden coat rack with keys hanging from it
Exklusive Rock'n'Roll Schlüsselbretter.
a wooden table sitting on top of a white background
Unterwasserholz Stehtisch ‘Donau’
a wooden table with two wine glasses and bottles on it in front of a mirror
Altholzmanufaktur in Rosenheim
a wooden table sitting on top of a hard wood floor next to a vase filled with flowers - Massivholz Möbel Online-Shop
the bathroom is clean and ready to be used as a storage area for towels or other items
Praktische Eckmöbel – clevere Lösung für mehr Stauraum zu Hause
a wooden shelf with three rolls of toilet paper in it and one roll is on the floor
Scrap Wood Toilet Paper Holder!