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a woman bending over to look at an oven with two red circles on the top
Spaß zu später Stunde: Heute mit Koch-Fail, Musikwunsch, Ladezeiten und mehr
bon appetit
an older man pointing at the camera with his finger up and text that reads, he's right you know
You Better Check It
an image of a book cover with text on it and images of people in the water
Bildschirmarbeiter - Picdump 03.08.2012
Bildschirmarbeiter - Picdump 03.08.2012
a dog and a cheetah in a car with the caption how was school? who the fock are you? – Picdump #286
how was school?
an old fashioned poster with many different characters
INFOGRAFIK: Wie Pocahontas, Arielle & Co. das Oktoberfest feiern! - KlonBlog
a large number of different colored papers stacked on top of each other with words written in them
Source: BrownPaperBagComics
Source: BrownPaperBagComics - Imgur
multiple images of different colors and sizes of plates
Uncanny - LolSnaps
the movie poster for chip and dale dress like indiana jones and magnan pi
The Internet's Most Asked Questions
How did I not realize this before??????
four different colored drawings of people with blindfolds on their eyes and one has a beard
The Internet's Most Asked Questions
Donatello, Raphael, Leonardo and Michelangelo…
an image of a man yelling in front of the camera with caption that reads, this cake is so rich and dark a kardash wants to marry it
baahhaaahhhaaaaa no seriously how the f*ck do you burn ice cream!! lmao!!
a man sitting in front of a tv screen with the caption, this food is so frozen it just started singing let't go
gordon ramsay meme - Google-søk
a man in a tuxedo is looking at his cell phone while surrounded by other people
22 Relationship Goals That Are Actually Worth Achieving
Find someone who looks at you the way Leo looks at Girl Scout Cookies....