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Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria and Its Painful Impact
Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria and Its Painful Impact
Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria and Its Painful Impact
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Atomic ADHD Habit Hacks To Keep You Organized
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ADHD Supplements | Supplements for Focus and Concentration
Certain nutrient deficiencies can play a role in neurotransmitter production and contribute to the symptoms of ADHD. This guide explores supplements that you might consider to help with ADHD. There are two others not included on the graphic, which you can find in the full post.
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Get Motivated with ADHD
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Feeling unmotivated? Try this!
A lack of motivation is a common challenge that many ADHD'ers experience. The brain’s reward system, responsible for motivation, may function differently in those with ADHD, making it challenging to connect immediate actions with long-term goals, impacting our ability to initiate and persist in tasks. 😭 However, it’s possible to use some tools to help ourselves! #adhd #motivation #adhdadult #adhdsupport #adhdresources #add #unmotivated #nomotivation #getfocused
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How can you boost your dopamine levels ?
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45 Times This Instagram Account Tastefully Called Out Corporate Greed (New Pics)
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