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a white room with an artistic light coming from the ceiling
「空気」とは何か? 3人の作家が考える「アートで解明! 空気の正体」展
埼玉県の川口市立アートギャラリー・アトリアで、「アートで解明! 空気の正体」展が開催中。大巻伸嗣、奥中章人、本間純の3名が、それぞれの方法で空気の正体に迫る。会期は5月14日まで。【美術手帖が運営するアートニュースサイト。アートを中心にクリエイティブ・マインドを刺激するコンテンツを発信します。】
a light object made of white marble with a circle of light on its surface in a frame of brushed steel brings atmosphere into the room Light Object, Calacatta Marble, White Marble, The White, No 1, Float, Marble, Cuff, Brass
A delicate circle of light stretches across the surface of the white marble of STONE\LIGHT No. 1. It seems to float above it like a breath. Light and marble come together in a new way creating a special unity and atmosphere. A white Calacatta marble from Carrara in Italy, shows coloured grains from beige to grey. The frame is corresponding in colour with it in stainless steel, copper or brass just like the small cuff. This light object creates a subtle light full of delicacy and atmosphere.
a circular object that is lit up in the dark with light coming from it's center
Mirrored Neon Lights Optical Illusion
Mirrored Neon Lights Optical Illusion - My Modern Metropolis. Repin from Tanya Rose.
Jewerly Bracelets, Body Adornment, Unusual Jewelry, Schmuck Design, Contemporary Jewellery, Contemporary Jewelry, Modern Jewelry, Statement Jewelry, Jewelry Art
Фото 851641408831 из альбома ОТКУТЮР. Разместила Елена Кальченко Ханчук в ОК
Fringe Bracelet, Fashion Details, Women Style, Wearable Art
Make Every Day "WONDERFUL"