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a red and white logo with circles on it
Des oiseaux qui jouent de la guitare au Musée des beaux-arts de Montréal
two pictures side by side one has a blue building and the other has a gold street light
Funky Blue "Court of Water" Wall Plays Music When It Rains (VIDEO)
Court of Water in Kunsthof Passage Dresden
two large red flowers sitting next to each other on top of a cement floor covered in lights
Jerusalem's Humongous Flower-Like Streetlights Bloom When You Approach
These Jerusalem Streetlights Bloom Like Humongous Flowers - CityLab
a room with some rocks and ropes hanging from the ceiling in front of an open door
Maarten Brinkman
I love textile art, and landscape art. This is a tricky one, akward, scary.. so it really touches on something// by Maarten Brinkman
a street sign with a silhouette of a person laying on the ground at night time
Saw this sign in the beach this evening
an old ladder made out of branches with sunflowers painted on the top and bottom
Redirect Notice
woven sunflower loom
yellow flowers are arranged in rows on the wooden walkways that lead up to trees
Communicate with Celebrities - CC.CC
candles are hanging on the wall with black handles and white tiles in the back ground
Oude lepels als kandelaars
old spoons with tea lights...
a green plant is growing out of the rocks in front of some plants and stones
Glow-in-the-Dark Pebbles
perfect for a night garden -- Glow-in-the-dark pebbles
an alley way with brick walls and white designs on the floor
Cool Street Art & Inventive Urban Art - Mr Pilgrim Graffiti Artist
Cool Street Art Inventive Urban Art - Mr Pilgrim Graffiti Artist (think how beautiful alley ways could be if painted up. Brighten them up with art)
a tree that is sitting in the grass near some yellow tape on the side of the road
The Internet's Most Asked Questions
Art everywhere…
a sign that says today's mantra i am a superfly success machine scream it now
Someone Has Been Leaving Cute Motivational Post-It Notes On The Train
Someone Has Been Leaving Cute Motivational Post-It Notes On The Train
a stack of rocks sitting on top of a body of water next to the ocean
Flashes of Brilliance
The after glow of the sun over Green Bay accents the glowing candles on stacked stones - Wisconsin, USA by Dave Biermann
three fairy figurines hanging from a tree branch
Welcome to the Expressive Figures of Janet Bodin!
Artist: Janet Bodin "I was inspired by Emily Dickinson’s little verse about a cocoon: “Drab habitation of whom? Tabernacle or tomb Or dome of worm, Or porch of gnome, Or some elf’s catacomb?”
two statues are standing in the grass near trees
Bathed in Gold: Madison Square Park Goes Autumnal