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4 Exercises ti improve ankle stability
Do your ankles roll out, feel weak or unstable when you walk or run on uneven surface? Here are four great exercises to improve your ankle strength, stability and prevent injury • ✔️ Strengthen the FLEXOR HALLUCIS LONGUS using a resistance band. This muscle plays a crucial role in creating a stable foot. • ■ It also stabilises the ankle (talus bone) by pulling the fibula (where it's attached to proximaly) downwards deepening the ankle joint. • ■ Keeping the FHL strong can help reduce the risk of lateral sprain (4 sets of 25 reps - sets&reps are only a guideline) ✔️ Eccentrically strengthen the PERONEUS LONGUS and BREVIS using the ToePro (or yoga wedge). Progress to banded triple extension heel raises. These will strengthen this important muscle group and provide extra support to
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Exercises for the foot 🦶🏼😍 [📹 dmytro_massage_kr]
An excellent set of exercises for health 👍🏻 Be sure to save, like and share with your friends 🤝🏻😉 ☝🏼Try these exercises regularly, even if your feet don’t hurt. I especially recommend it for those who wear heels or uncomfortable shoes. ❗Remember, feet are a very important part of the body, just like the back 🧏🏻 If you have problems with your feet, your posture will be poor and your back will hurt 🥺 #feethealth #feetposture
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