Amazing locations in Austria

Amazing locations in Austria #amazing #locations #Austria
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people are skiing in the snow near a church
Seefeld, Tyrol - The perfect spot for #cold_weather_sports as well as for warm weather strolls & hiking.
a house in the middle of a snowy mountain range with mountains in the back ground
What an #amazing view of #Austria during winter !
stairs lead up to a cave entrance with moss growing on the rocks and trees around it
Gollinger #Waterfalls in Austria
the large cathedral has many spires on it's sides
St. Stephen's Cathedral - a church in #Vienna, Austria
a rainbow in the sky over a waterfall
Krimml waterfall - Austria
there is a waterfall that has water coming out of it and some trees in the background
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Krimml Waterfall - Austria
an aerial view of a town with mountains in the background
The path to Rudolfsturm above Hallstatt in 1989
#Hallstatt, Austria - with high mountains and beautiful houses.
a large yellow building with many flowers in the foreground and a circular garden on the other side
awesome view of #Schönbrunn Palace - To explore the beautiful place with a leading #car rental service provider visit
an old church sits in the middle of a green valley surrounded by trees and mountains
Beautiful view of #quaint church - Austria
the city is covered in snow and it looks like it could be built on top of a mountain
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