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the book cover for story engineering
Spotlight on Story Engineering & The Six Core Competencies
Discover the six core competencies of storytelling in Story Engineering by Larry Brooks. Use the elements of storytelling to write your next piece of fiction!
the seven point story structure is shown in blue and black, with an image of a pencil
7 Point Story Structure [Resources]
7 Point Story Structure
How to NaNoWriMo: Scene Cards | Scintilla Studio Easy Dog Treats, Vegan Dog, Kangen Water, Gutter Guard, Dog Treats Homemade Recipes, Flash Fiction, Gluten Sensitivity, Easy Homemade Recipes, Dog Cookies
How to NaNoWriMo: Scene Cards - Scintilla Studio
How to NaNoWriMo: Scene Cards | Scintilla Studio
the screen writing worksheet is shown in black and white, with text on it
Write a Scene (Writing Worksheet Wednesday)
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a book cover with two pencils on it and the title's title in yellow
E-Letter Back Issues - Helping Writers Become Authors
AUTHOR MENTOR: K.M. Weiland - I'm K.M. Weiland. I'm a fighter, a writer, a child of God. I write historical and speculative fiction and mentor authors.
a large poster with many different languages on it's sides, including words and numbers
How a Scene List Can Change Your Novel-Writing Life
How a Scene List Can Change Your Novel-Writing Life
a woman with her hair tied back and the words quadtate contago in front of her face
Writing a Mystery Novel - 7 Elements | Now Novel
Writing a mystery novel - writing blog cover image
the instructions for how to write a scene in 11 steps, with text overlay
How to write a scene http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=592967730730552
four novel writing worksheets with different colors and font on each page, including the title
Novel Writing Templates V2 - Etsy Australia
Novel Writing Brainstorming Templates V2.0 by rhinoandasmallbird
the website is showing different types of webpages and their content creation options for each page
Structuring Your Novel Visual Chart
A fantastic Structuring Your Novel visual chart to help you grasp the periods, points, and events in your story's structure.
the text 4 - act story structure is shown in black and pink
4-Act Story Structure
4 act plot structure can help you write the middle of your story like a boss. #thewritersaurus
an info sheet with the words plot development written in blue and white on black background
Louise Lilley | Writer
Plot Development and story structure writing tips