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two stuffed animals are sitting in the snow
two stuffed mouses laying on top of a bed
there is a small doll house and figurines in front of it
an old dresser with many items on it
марципановые облака
a stack of pillows sitting on top of a bed next to a table with a chair
the Princess and the Pea
a group of figurines sitting on top of a wooden floor next to a pink dresser
Circus Maileg
a doll house with stairs and furniture on the floor in front of a gray wall
Better Blogging Nouw
there are many toys on the table and in front of the chalkboard that says new
Maileg : Homebird House
two pictures of different clothes and accessories on the same page, one has a blue ball hanging from it's back
Puppen : von Kowalke
a pair of red mittens sitting next to a black and white checkered dress
Puppen : von Kowalke