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two televisions with an image of a person wearing a hat on top of them
stay at homE learning
there is a large screen in the back of a car that says, no boy deserves your body if it's the only thing
Moody Paintings of Drive-In Theaters Showing Classic Films
Artist Andrew Valko captures the allure of the drive-in theater and those larger-than-life faces on the silver screen that beckon to us in the dark. His series
a silver spoon sitting on top of a white table
chema madoz
archives & mythologie des lucioles: chema madoz
an open book sitting on top of a table next to a lamp and a paper roller
Black And White Photography
15+ Mind-Bending Photos by Chema Madoz That Will Make You Look Twice
a wooden stick sticking out of a metal pipe
An entry from alexquisite, powered by Tumblr.com
Jaime Pitarch
two playing cards in a metal box with a lock on the front and back side
JBBLOG - Scienza e le innovazioni a portata di click
Joan Brossa, Sense atzar
a pair of scissors with teeth cut out of it's sides, on a gray background
Oliver Marinkoski. Artists on tumblr
a pair of scissors on top of a piece of paper with lines drawn across it
Improbabilita' -
Improbabilita' - "...Improbabilità è il titolo di un'originale ricerca dove gli oggetti varcano i confini del reale..."
a person holding chopsticks over a box filled with gold coins
a plastic container filled with assorted craft items
The magic of the Internet
Catch of the Day.
a wall with a painting of a man's face and words painted on it
This was not my dream. MLK #BlackLivesMatter
someone's feet in a bathtub filled with green algae and water that says, you wouldn't bathe in this
Advocating Progress
great poster from The Ocean Conservancy
an assortment of silver and green metal objects
Mrs. Easton
Barry Rosenthal FoundInNature_16
a man holding his face to the side with an eyeball in front of him
Toiletpaper magazine